About Us Published: 2017-08-12

Royal Way

Beijing Royal Way Ahead Exit & Entry Service Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Royal Way”) is established in 2002, and now is going to celebrate its 17th birthday. In order to serve clients more multiply and accurately, we are going to integrate resources and channels overseas, and our branch offices in each country. So now we divide Immigration Service independently and renamed “Royal Way”.


Beijing Royal Way is moving on during the 17 years providing services to clients, establishing a set of “One-Step” system, in which “Employment Based Immigration” had been covered four main immigration destination countries- America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. At the same time, we successfully establish the “Royal” standard among immigrants industry depend on our perfect “risk control” system, in such way the clients experience their immigrant journey as Royal Noble, which is a “Royal Tour”-Royal Way.


The establishment of independent brand “Royal Way” is a small step of Beijing Royal Way global professional services. But we believe it will be in deep footprints on the mileage of Chinese immigrants. Global Royal Way staff will also have the courage to forward, constantly breaking through. Overseas real estate, overseas investment, overseas education will set up independent brand, it is coming soon.


“Royal Way”-Your life can be more honorable!


Beijing Office (Headquarter):
  • Floor 19 Jingtai Tower, No. 24C Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing.
  • 400-010-5881; 010-8516-8900
  • visa@yimininfo.com
Shanghai Office:
  • Room H, Floor 8 Yonghua Tower, No. 138 Pudong Ave., Pudong New Dist., Shanghai.
  • 400-010-5881,021-58960116
  • visa@yimininfo.com
Guangzhou Office:
  • Room 3513 Fuli Yingtong Tower, No. 30 Huaxia Road, Tianhe Dist., Guangzhou.
  • 400-010-5881,020-32609000
  • visa@yimininfo.com

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Beijing Royal Way is established in 2002, which is a company approved by the Ministry of Public Security and Industry and Commerce

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