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● Do you have immediate family members in the United States? ● Are you talent with high honors? ● Are you willing to invest $ 500,000 in the United States? If the answers to the above questions are all no, then the EB-3 employer-sponsored immigration program is your best choice.

●  Do you have immediate family members in the United States?

●  Are you talent with high honors?

●  Are you willing to invest $ 500,000 in the United States?

If the answers to the above questions are all no, then the EB-3 employer-sponsored immigration program is your best choice.

Project Introduction

EB-3 is the employment-based third preference in the US immigration policy. The applicant is sponsored by a strong employer and can apply for permanent resident status in his original country.

There are three sub-categories in EB-3: skilled workers, professionals, and (unskilled workers) other workers. Among them, (unskilled workers) other workers sub-category is suitable for many people. It has lowest comprehensive requirements for immigration. The Chinese translation for it is: US employers-sponsored immigration (EB-3).

Because the requirement for EB-3 Employer-sponsored Immigration is very low, many people can apply for it. But applicant must have the employer's job offer and labor certification. So the employer's company qualification is very important.


Application Requirement


You may be eligible for an employment-based,   first preference visa if you have an extraordinary ability; an outstanding   professor or researcher; or a multinational executive or manager. 


You may be eligible for an employment-based,   second preference visa if you are a member of the professions holding an   advanced degree or its equivalent, or a foreign national who has exceptional   ability.


·           “Professionals” are persons whose job requires at least   a U.S. baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent and are a member of the   professions

·            “Skilled   workers” are persons whose job requires a minimum of 2 years training or work   experience, not of a temporary or seasonal nature;

·           The “other workers” subcategory is for persons   performing unskilled labor requiring less than 2 years training or   experience, not of a temporary or seasonal nature.

·           No requirement in education, working experience, gender   or English, (person at age of 20-47 can apply)


You may be eligible for an employment-based,   fourth preference visa if you are a special immigrant, including religious   workers, retired employees of international organizations, and their spouse   and children.


·           You may be eligible if you own assets of $1,000,000, invests   $500,000 or $1,000,000 in a commercial enterprise in the United States; and plan   to create or preserve 10 permanent full-time jobs for qualified U.S. workers.

Application requirement  

No requirement in working   experience

No requirement in English

No requirement in   investment

Below Master’s Degree

Age in 18-47 years old can   apply


No criminal record








1. Low threshold, no requirement in finance, education, language or investment

2. Can invite relatives to immigrate;

3. Can apply for naturalization after getting permanent resident card for 5 years; 

4. Legal internship during school, get priority in being employed after graduation

5. Enjoy free public education (primary, junior high school, high school)

6. Unrestricted life in the United States (academic, employment, business, retirement)

7. Famous universities are not limited by the number of overseas students, and apply for medical, biological and other specialties

8. State university offers favorable prices, students in state / private universities can apply for grants, scholarships, student loans;

9. One person applies, the whole family immigrants together, spouses and children under the age of 21 can get green card in one step.

Project process

1.   Sign service contract and submit application documents;

2.    Get priority date

3.    Labor certification

4.    USCIS Receipt

5.    USCIS Approval

6.    Pay NVC Visa Application Fee

7.    NVC Sends P3 Packet and we fill in DS-260

8.    Guangzhou Consulate sends out P4 Packet

9.    Re-confirmation of employment, medical exam

10.   Interview in Guangzhou Consulate, get visa

11.   Receive Permanent Resident card

Advantages of Royal Way 

1. Employers who cooperate with us are strong and powerful enterprises with more than 2,000 EB-3 success cases;

2. Authoritative agency in employer-sponsored immigration;

3. Senior consultants team, free assessment;

4. First-class case processor team will give guidance in whole process;

5. Overseas senior lawyers team provide strong support;

6. Strong service system with a team over 100;

7. Many cases of Chinese applicants with green cards

8. One-stop service in Immigration, settling down and employment.

Choose legally-operated company 

* Before signing service contract, please confirm whether the company has qualification certificate for private-purpose entry and exit issued by public security bureau. If it doesn’t have, then there is a risk.

You can directly click the official website of entry and exit administration bureau and the website of the Public Security Bureau for inquiries.

(Website of Beijing Administration Bureau for Private-purpose Entry and Exit) (Official website of Public Security Bureau)

* It is very important to confirm whether the immigration company has successful case for the entire application process before you sign contract.

* It is important to confirm whether successful cases from China are true and recent cases, and it is important to know the visas of mainland China are issued by the Guangzhou Consulate General are important.

* What is very important for employer-sponsored immigration is that employer has available job offers before recruiting. 

Many fraud cases in employer-sponsored immigration are caused by un-guaranteeing job offer before signing service contract.  Such agencies start to make preparation for job offer after their clients sign service contract. 

Risk notification:

1. There is cut-off date in the whole process of EB-3 employer-sponsored immigration process. So the whole process will be affected by cut-off date

2. Because of the possibility of an extension of the application period, the age of the accompanying child may be over-aged (the official requirement is that the child's age can’t exceed 21 years old).

3. The change or cancellation of US immigration policy may result in extension or failure of application.

4. In the application process, according to the relevant policies of the US immigration, there may be SR (supervised Recruitment), Audit, RFE (Request for Evidence), AP (Administrative Processing), etc., under such circumstances, the time for application may be extended.

5. It is not easy to apply for identity of the United States’ permanent resident. The applicant must entrust senior immigration company to assist the application. If the starting point in immigration is wrong, then getting the permanent identity will become very difficult. You must find senior consultant to make professional plan for you.


We need to carefully consider the following issues when choosing an immigration agency:

1, If the immigration agency has the actual successful case of the Chinese clients’ immigration to United States;

2, Please confirm whether the employer cooperating with the immigration agency has the ability to sponsor EB-3 applicants in their whole application process.

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