Greece Permanent Residence Permits

The parents of the property owner and his/her husband’s/wife’s parents are also entitled to apply for such a connected permanent Residence Permit; Applicants can apply for permanent Residence Permit by purchasing a property and be allowed free access to 26 Schengen countries; The processing time is short and the success rate is high; There is no requirement on residence and landing each year; ​Applicants can apply for permanent Residence Permit directly.

  In May 2013, Greek Parliament implemented the Greek Immigration Code of granting Residence Permits of non-EU citizens who purchase a property in Greece, of a value of at least EUR 250,000;

  In April 2014, the Greek Immigration Code loosed the accompanying children aged up to 21 years old;

  In June 2014, Immigration Authority canceled the medical exam;

  On July 9, 2015, Greek Parliament voted the amendment of the Greek Immigration Code.

Project advantage

  l  The whole family can apply for permanent Residence Permit by purchasing a property in Greece of a value of at least EUR 250,000:

  Applicant + his/her spouse + all children aged less than 21 years old + his/her parents + his/her spouse’s parents

  l  The property owner has permanent ownership and land use right, and the property is available for rent and residence;

  l  After obtaining Permanent Residence Permits, there is no requirement on residence and landing each year;

  l  After obtaining Permanent Residence Permits, if applicants reside in Greece, they can apply for citizenship based on residential time accumulation. If their children study in Greece for 6 years before 18 years old, they can apply for citizenship without examination;

  l  Children are free to attend same public schools and top private international schools as citizens of Greece;

  l  Foreigners obtaining Permanent Residence Permits enjoy the same public medical and private medical facilities as citizens of Greece;

  l  After obtaining Permanent Residence Permits, applicants can be allowed free access to 26 Schengen countries and hold EU green card which is convenient for visas to other non European countries;

  l  The Greek consumption level is lower than other European countries. The quality of life is higher and the cost of life is lower;

  l  There is no requirement on business experience in China, source of fund accumulation, education, language and medical exam;

  l  The processing time is short. The whole family can obtain Permanent Residence Permits within 2 months after completing the property purchasing;

  l  If the property is transferred to the children over 21 years old, for their parents who have obtained Permanent Residence Permits, their identity will not be canceled and will be reserved permanently;

  l  It has romantic Aegean Sea, fresh air, blue sky, white clouds, and annual average of more than 300 lights;

  l  It has the world's healthiest diet, olive oil, various fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat. Because of healthy diet and living environment, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are very rare in Greece;

  l  Because of resonance of history and culture between China and Greece, new immigrants can naturally integrate into Greece;

  l  After the Greek economic crisis, the property price is lowest and the property has much appreciate space and high rental rate.

Application conditions

  1.    Be over 18 years of age

  2.    Purchase a property in Greece of a value of at least EUR 250,000.

Application Process

  1.Signing service agreement with our company;

  2.Applying for visa and investigating the property with our assistance;

  3.Accompanying the clients to Greece to purchasing the property;

  4.Applying for tax number and opening bank account;

  5.Signing presale contract and paying deposit;

  6.Paying the remaining property fund, signing the final contract and transferring property ownership;

  7.Entrusting lawyer to apply for residence permits;

  8.Granting residence permits

Royalway advantage

  Focus: We focus on immigration services for 15 years;

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  Services: Document processing team gives the whole guidance;

  Strength: Senior overseas lawyers provide the full support;

  System: Powerful service system has over one hundred employees;

  Case: We have plenty of cases of Chinese applicants.

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