Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa

One person applies for residence visa and the family member can accompany. After granting PR, there is no residence requirement; EOI points system is adopted; After signing service agreement, EOI can be submitted soon and the processing is fast; Applicants can obtain the permanent residence visa directly and enjoy free medical care and education; Royalway can provide the job offer with 50 points to meet the EOI points.

Project introduction

You want to live in New Zealand permanently and you have skills that can contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth. Your application is more likely to be accepted if you have work experience or a qualification according to requirements of skilled occupations in New Zealand.

Basic requirements

Age: 55 or under 

English ability: IELTS 6.5 or higher

Education: Bachelor or higher

Work experience: 3 years and the relevant tax payment

Other requirements: EOIs with 160 points or above, good health and no criminal records

Cases for EOI points

1. Age: 36 years old (30 points)

Occupation: Bank auditor (0 points)

Work experience: 6 years (30 points)

IELTS 6.5 (0 points)

Education: Master (70 points)

Job offer (50 points)

Total points: 180

2. Age: 45 years old (10 points)

Occupation: Retail manager (0 points)

Work experience: more than 10 years (50 points)

IELTS 6.5 (0 points)

Education: Diploma (40 points)

Job offer (50 points)

Area: Outside Auckland (30 points)

Total points: 180

Immigration advantage

New Zealand's beautiful scenery and mild climate are known as "the last pure land in the world. It has been rated as ‘the most suitable country for life in the world’ by the United Nations National Development Organization for many years. In addition to the pleasant scenery suitable for life, there is also rich people's welfare.

No residence requirement

The only country in the world has no residence requirement with a green card.

Sound medical system

Free treatment, free surgery and free drugs in public hospitals.

Free birth

All the expenses from pregnancy to production are supported by the state and the government pays the children allowance until children are 18 years old.

Free education

Primary and secondary education is free. After two-year residence, student benefits can be obtained.

Government pension

People, over 65 years old and residing for 10 years, can enjoy government pensions.

Multinational springboard

Citizens automatically get the right to settle and work in Australia, they can work in the United Kingdom, and can reside in retired to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium after retirement (pensions are paid by the New Zealand government).

Free public houses

The cost of house repair and maintenance is borne by the government.

Property investment

The new immigrants can loan 80% of the property price, and the monthly rent can cover the loan interest.

Entrepreneurial environment

Without registered capital, it is easy to establish a business.

Suitable for life

Prices are lower than Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The people can live free and easy without any pressure.

Immigration advantage

1. 50 reliable JOB OFFERS are provided each month to guarantee the required EOI points.

2. After obtaining the permanent residence visa directly, no residence requirement.

3. Life in New Zealand is unrestricted (study, work, business and retirement).

4. Children can enjoy free public education in New Zealand.

5. One person applies for residence visa and the family member can accompany.

6. Immigration plan is tailored with transparent process and high success rate.

Project flow

1.Evaluating qualification

2.New Zealand Qualification Assessment (if required)

3.Submitting EOI

4.Granting ITA

5.Applying for residence visa

6.Granting residence visa

Successful case

Sep. 2014 Signing service agreement

Sep. 2014 Getting Job Offer

Oct. 2014 Submitting EOI

Oct. 2014 Granting ITA

Mar. 2015 Issuing file number 

Nov. 2015 Approved in principle

Feb. 2016 Final approval

Job offer


Royalway advantage

* Authoritative brand guarantee

Royalway has focused on employer sponsored immigration for more than 10 years, handled thousands of various cases and has a professional consulting and document processing team.

* Cooperation with a number of employers

Royalway has been keeping long term cooperation with several large employers in New Zealand and providing full services for a large number of applicants.

* Higher success rate

Royalway check the clients’ application qualification strictly and the experts tailored immigration plans.

* Strong lawyer team

Local lawyers in New Zealand provide services, obtain the latest policy, and have thousands of successful cases.

Select regular company

1. Due to change or cancellation of local policies in New Zealand and the influence of number of applicants, there may be an extension or failure of the whole processing.

2. Because of the potential application processing extended, dependent children may be over age (Dependent children are not more than 24 years officially)

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