Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Simple procedure: no interview, no landing Fast processing: 3-6 months Passport Advantage: Go to more than 130 countries, including Commonwealth and EU without applying for visas No residence requirement No gift tax, property tax and estate tax Business advantages: offshore finance, trade transfer

Project introduction

Antigua and Barbuda is the Commonwealth of Independent States in the Eastern Caribbean region. As the tree lined Tropical Island, Antigua has about 365 clear sea beaches. It is a paradise for tourists and is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

As a result, tourism is a key factor in the growth of local GDP and 60% of the island's revenue comes from that. The main target markets are the United States, Canada and Europe

Antigua is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the Caribbean Community, the Organization of American States and a number of other international organizations. Holders of the Antigua passport enjoy the right of visa free access to more than 130 countries / territories, including the United Kingdom and Schengen countries. Antigua, like all Caribbean countries, has not entered the United States' visa free program, so holders of the Antigua passport need visas before they can enter the United States.

Application conditions

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship-by-Investment Program requires applicants to make important contributions to the country's economy. On this basis, the applicant and his family must accept strict review and due diligence, including a comprehensive background investigation, and then they can obtain citizenship.

1.Donate $200,000 to the government or purchase a property of a value of at least $400,000 designated by the government

2.Be over 18 years of age

3.Have good health

4.No criminal records

Project advantage

1.Simple procedure: no interview, no landing

2.Fast processing: 3-6 months

3.Passport Advantage: Go to 134 countries, including Commonwealth, EU and China without applying for visas

4.No residence requirement: Reside for 5 days within 5 years

5.Asset optimization: Dual citizenship and CRS circumvention country

6.No gift tax, property tax and estate tax

7.Educational advantages: free education for public primary and secondary schools. Study in international schools;

8.Business advantages: offshore finance, trade transfer

9.Lower threshold: No requirements on age and language.

Project flow

1.Evaluating applicants’ qualifications and signing service agreement

2.Due diligence

3.Submitting application

4.Principle approval

5.Paying the fund

6.Obtaining status

Royalway advantage

Focus: We focus on immigration services for 15 years;

Senior: Senior consultants evaluate free;

Services: Document processing team gives the whole guidance;

Strength: Senior overseas lawyers provide the full support;

System: Powerful service system has over one hundred employees;

Case: We have plenty of cases of Chinese applicants.

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